Our Projects

Mobile Dental Unit

We are currently raising vital funds for a Mobile Dental Unit, fully equipped with a dental surgery. The Mobile Dental Unit will deliver emergency oral health treatment within communities, many that are currently outside of our reach. It will also be used to support our oral health education outreach projects, where we will target early-years, special needs schools and community organisations. It will also present us with the opportunity to develop and produce educational projects and stalls to a much larger audience, nationally.

We aim to make our Mobile Dental Unit disability friendly and will feature a lift at the entrance for wheelchair access. We want to ensure that the Mobile Dental Unit is accessible to all.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 we had many people in desperate need of emergency treatment contact us. However, due to self-isolation and national lockdowns, we were limited to what urgent dental treatment we could provide. By having the Mobile Dental Unit we’d be able to respond swiftly and deliver emergency treatment rapidly and directly to those in need.

Educational Children’s Book

One of our goals as a foundation is to provide education to children with autism and learning difficulties through a fun, interactive process. We believe that educating oral health care to children early has a considerably positive impact on their oral health routines during development.

We have been developing an insightful educational children’s book called ‘Super Smiles for Superheroes’. The book helps children view oral health hygiene in a positive manner. Teaching children how to brush their teeth, how long to brush their teeth for, and what foods will harm their teeth.

We want to re-enforce that visiting the dentist is a positive experience. By giving children a positive impression through our book, we aim to change any negative mindsets and reduce any fears that they may have.

When we have finalised and published our first book We plan to expand on our range of children’s oral health resources, working with other at risk and hard to reach groups to help improve early intervention and dental education. 

Supporting Communities

There is currently a dramatic absence in treatment care for the elderly. Town Hall Foundation works with nursing homes and local hospices to provide emergency on-site dental treatment to residents. We believe that offering comfort whilst giving treatment is a gift that we can provide.

A key project we have been passionate about is a community outreach to vulnerable adults, including the homeless. We have been providing dental treatment on the streets of Leeds for over three years, as well as traveling to further locations such as Folkstone and Calais, providing emergency dental treatment to refugees.

We have been providing oral health services to children with autism and learning difficulties at nearby schools. We believe that educating children has a considerably positive impact on their oral health routines during development. Over time, this will reduce the financial strain on the NHS. 

Support our Projects

We are seeking funding support and offering several sponsorship opportunities to businesses and individuals who wish to affiliate themselves with our projects. If you would like to be part of our growing charity please get in touch.


All the work of the Foundation is not for profit, and as a result is funded by donations from individual donors, businesses, or our dental practice. The more funds we have available, the more people we can treat and the more people we can educate.