Our Skillshop Day

Building better futures

Established in September 2005, Skillshop is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. The aim of Skillshop is to provide specialised training for adults with learning disabilities in a caring environment. The objectives are to improve people’s self-esteem, confidence and personal development and break down social isolation. People will have more fulfilling lives, be less reliant on staff and have developed some independent social networks and friendships.

An opportunity for people with learning difficulties and disabilities to develop life skills i.e. personal, social and practical skills, enabling them to reach their full potential in many important aspects of life.

  • The opportunity to develop and improve numeracy and literacy skills.
  • A practical course in Healthy Living and Personal Hygiene issues. Experience in various aspects of art.
  • Opportunity to develop woodwork skills.
  •  IT sessions where clients can learn basic computer skills.
  • Training in basic kitchen skills and hygiene, baking, preparing meals and drinks.
  • Social opportunities outside working hours with the Saturday Club, Diners’ Club, Bowling Nights, visits to the theatre etc.
  • A welcoming, happy and caring environment where clients can feel comfortable and safe.

Fully qualified staff with many years’ experience of life, industry and education.

Our team invited SkillShop to Our Skillshop Day, incorporating the work of Town Hall Foundation. The Skillshop Day included a lunch and festival glitter face painting.

Working with the Skillshop attendees, we split in to groups and did a quiz on oral hygiene, focusing on the fundamentals of brushing their teeth and things to consider when keeping their teeth clean. Other group activities including matching dental tools (such as a toothbrush) with the corresponding part of the mouth. Jeanette, the Town Hall Foundation hygienist, showed the attendees the proper way to brush their teeth with our giant mouth and toothbrush. With gloves and masks on, everyone was invited to have a go!

We then played pass the parcel where each wrap revealed a forfeit, such as pat your head and rub your tummy, or bark like a dog, sing your favourite song, tell a joke etc. We all had an amazing time with this, and the whole team got engaged and caught up in the game.

We were delighted to receive a visit from Dot, the Mayor of Calderdale, during our workshop. We were incredibly grateful for Dot taking time out of her day to explain to everyone all about the work the mayor does in the community, and to field some excellent questions from those in attendance.

We gave them all a goody bag to take home which included an electric toothbrush donated from Ordo, toothpaste, a timer so they know to brush for 2 minutes and an information leaflet from the foundation.  They all got their photos taken with Dot and then they went home.  One lady cried as she had had such a lovely afternoon and kept telling us that they were happy tears bless her!

Everyone who attended received a goody bag to take home, which included an electric toothbrush donated from Ordo, toothpaste, a 2 minute brushing timer and an information leaflet from the foundation. Dot was very kind to stay around for photos, and we were happy to receive such nice feedback from all of our guests.

Proceeds from some of our recent fundraising went towards their Outward Bounds weekend away, Focus4Hope were able to donate some of the hot dogs from our food supplies for a meal for the team. Everyone is welcome back any time!

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