Overgate Hospice

We are delighted to pledge our support to Overgate Hospice. Overgate Hospice are an independent local charity aiming to provide the greatest quality of life to their patients. They do this by providing the highest standard of compassionate and evidence-based specialist palliative and end of life care for adults in Calderdale who have active, progressive, life-limiting illnesses.

If you would like to find out more about Overgate Hospice, please watch the short video below.

The high standard of care provided by Overgate resonates with us, as we try to emulate the company spirit and culture of caring that they bring to work with them every day. We have always been incredibly touched by the service their staff provides.

Overgate Hospice requires £3.5 million to run every year, with £1 million in funding being provided by the Calderdale Clinical Community Group. This means that £2.5 million in additional funding is required each and every year, and we at Town Hall Dental along with many businesses and individuals in Calderdale pledge our support to raise that total.

All Overgate Hospice patients receive free dental care by the Town Hall Dental Team, and it is our pleasure to regularly assist with our own events and fundraising drives throughout the year.

Our goal as an organization is not just to provide high quality dental care, but also a pleasant and comfortable environment with one to one care and incredible customer service. To visit Overgate Hospice is to see that they provide the same high quality of care, and need all the support that can be provided.

Every donation makes a difference, and helps to support the charity financially. We would like to extend a brief thanks to every one of our patients ,friends, families and those in the community for their tireless work to help those in need, and pledge to continue doing the same.

It is our pleasure to keep you updated on the work we are doing for Overgate, if you would like to learn more please visit www.overgatehospice.org.uk

“On behalf of everyone at Overgate Hospice I would like to say a huge thank you to Town Hall Dental for all the help and support they have shown Overgate Hospice over the past few years we have been working together. 

From the sponsorship and partnership of events and the Spotify account for our patients, to the loan of the Town Hall Dental building and offices for our events and promotion.

I cannot describe the difference it makes to have the corporate support of a company like Town Hall Dental, which in turn helps Overgate provide care and support to our patients and their families at the Hospice. 

Thank you again Town Hall Dental.”

Overgate Hospice
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